Coral Restoration

Important Facts:

Biorock® Structures
  • Grow 3-5 times faster than normal
  • Heal more than 20 times faster
  • Survive high temperatures 16-50 times more
  • Have hundreds of times more baby coral settlement
  • Attract incredible numbers of fish
  • Corals can survive under lethal conditions
  • Reefs can be quickly restored where they can’t recover naturally
  • Fishermen can grow reefs and greatly increase fish and shellfish populations and catches, becoming farmers instead of hunters
  • Breakwaters can be built for a fraction of the price of concrete or stone, with vastly greater environmental benefits

    Biorock method 1.5 year old Biorock: Gili Trawangan, Lombok,Indonesia: E.Woollacott 2006

    Biorock projects have received:

    The Sperry Award
    For Pioneers and Innovators of the Society for Ecological Restoration
    The Maldives Environment Award
    The KONAS Award
    For best community based coastal zone management project in Indonesia
    The SKAL Award
    For best underwater Eco-tourism project in the world
    The Kalpataru/Aduputra Award
    (Indonesia's most prestigious environmental award)
    The 2005 Alliance of South East Asian Nations Tourism Association Excellence Award
    For Best ASEAN Conservation Effort
    The 2005 Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award
    For best Environmental - Eco-Tourism/Travel-Related Project